Leopard 48 Best Full-Size Multihull

CLEARWATER, FL--(Dec 11, 2012) The Leopard 48 wins Cruising World Magazines sought after title of Boat of the Year 2013 in the Best Full-Size Multihull category! This award recognizes the top new sailboats making their debut in the North American market. This year, 24 sailboats in 7 different categories were nominated to receive this prestigious honor. This marks the 5th Boat of the Year award for Leopard Catamarans.

The Leopard 48 features Robertson and Caine’s latest developments. Her classic Leopard lines are easily recognizable in her sleek profile. This yacht features a raised helm station with panoramic views, versatile indoor and outdoor living space including a forward cockpit, and a 3 or 4 cabin layout option. The 48’s fine quality, focus on comfort and superb blue water performance lived up to the extensive dockside inspections and sea trials by the judges.

The Leopard 48’s beauty and ability were not the only things that caught the judges’ attention. When discussing the Leopard 48, Judge Ed Sherman said, “As far as the service access is concerned, I can’t recall being on a

Leopard 48 Boat of the Year

boat where they’d actually engineered the ease of access to all the systems as nicely as this one” (McCormick, 2013). Sherman went on to discuss the equipment in these service areas being “first class” and going on to say “the degree of workmanship was very high” (McCormick, 2013).

The judges also looked very closely at the 48’s sailing performance. Leopard takes great pride in producing yachts with great blue water performance and capabilities, and the Leopard 48 lives up to these standards. Sherman explained “It was one of the quietest boats we tested. To me, that’s indicative of the overall quality of construction, because they thought about the things that would reduce vibration and rattles and addressed them accordingly” (McCormick, 2013).
The 48 also boasts a great amount of indoor and outdoor living space. However, Judge Alvah Simon was most impressed with the beauty of the 48, he went on the say “The forward cockpit door struck me as beautiful. It was so convenient and so simple. It just works” (McCormick, 2013).

The other award winning details of the Leopard 48 included “A fine combination of excellent sailing performance with a stellar accommodation plan and layout” (McCormick, 2013). She also scored high in her design details, including “the rigid overhead bimini, generous scuppers, and the very effective raised helm station” (McCormick, 2013). From every angle, judges seemed to be overly impressed with the Leopard 48. “All of my notes, whether they address the storage, the transom, the seats – they all say ‘good’”, Simon explained (McCormick, 2013).
In addition to private ownership through Leopard Catamarans the Leopard 48 is also available for ownership through The Moorings Yacht Ownership Program as a Moorings 4800 (4 cabin charter
layout). Through The Moorings Yacht Ownership Program, The Moorings pays the owner's monthly boat payment, all operating expenses and allows access to The Moorings worldwide destinations utilizing up to 12 weeks of owner use per year.

Robertson and Caine design and build the Leopard line of blue water cruising catamarans. As the world wide dealer, Leopard Catamarans is proud to say that over 1,000 Leopard cats have now sailed more than 9 million miles and the world's largest oceans.



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McCormick, H. (2013, January). A Wide Spectrum Of Winning Designs. Cruising World, 49.